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40 Days of Reflection

If you observe Lent then you would know today is Ash Wednesday and it is the start of the Lental season.

I already had spoken about how I want this Lent to be different and I'd love to share a few things I am going to do that I haven't in the past. 

First off I will only be online for work as I am guilty of saying I am going to check one thing and an hour later I forgot why I got on in the first place.

Instead, I plan to read just for 1/2 hr ok more like 15 mins throughout the day. That way I will finish the two books I want to read. There are 3 books which are the devotionals which only are a page a day and  I actually did them last year and loved it so I know I will be able to do it again.

These are two of the books I am going to read I also have one more arriving called God's Smuggler which I really think will be good.


If you don't know who Scott Hahn is just google him look for a video he is an AMAZING speaker and story teller and I LOVE to hear him speak about the faith. I knew I would love this book of his as well. As I'm reading I can hear his voice in my head.

Well, that's it for me today. I hope that this Lent season you are blessed and reflect grow from your experience I truly am looking forward to deepening my faith.

I'll share next week a new recipe that isn't just plain pasta or pizza! It also happens to be my 15th wedding anniversary although we aren't celebrating or doing anything I feel blessed that we got to go to mass together and start this season today of all days. True blessing indeed.

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