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Favorite Friday: The Green Edition

To Finish up the week and to join in the fun the luck of the Irish today. I'm sharing you my 5 favorite green items I use when I am working out. I actually didn't even notice I had so many green things until I  really looked at my things. I think I picked them in this color because they are bright and well they stand out especially when I'm trying to rush out the door for a run or to the gym.

So here are my Favorite Five for you to go and order now cause Spring is coming! It's not just Spring Fever but workout fever!

Under Armour Water Bottle:

 I'm pretty sure you will be familiar with this name and know it will be heavy duty. Tell me how many times will you drop your bottle in a day? I can't be the only one right? Especially if you are in the gym and are moving from machine to machine.  This is the bottle that can take a licking and keep on ticking! My husband is actually happy about it and calls this the Ellie Proof bottle! Plus it's not that bad in price. So go ahead and pick yourself one and thank me later!

Sports Armband Sweatproof:

 I love to run and have talked about this plenty here but in order for me to get motivated to run I need some good tunes. I love this armband because it's sweatproof. I have had a couple other armband but have ended up not liking them because it would get well sweaty and if I went out on a run I would still have to carry my money or something and I don't like putting it in my pants as I run so this is perfect. Everything stay safe and in place.

Compression Running Socks:

I didn't start to wear these until last Summer and they have made a word of difference as far as helping those aches and craps you get after doing a good nice long run. They really do make a difference.

Fast-Drying Towels

This is actually one of the most important things I've found.  I use to use regular towels but by the end of my workout I would want to throw them as they are icky but these are really fast drying and with a 3 pack you can bring them home wash the one you used and replace it with a fresh towel.

 Light Weight Jacket

I actually have this jacket in different colors I love it so much. It's comfy, lightweight and my favorite thing is it has a hoodie. Alright, confession. When I workout I totally go into a Rocky mode. Hoody on and focus and I may or may not scream out AAAADRIENE after a run what again... I CANNOT be the only one. See the need for the hood.

These are my favorite five for today and I hope they will help you on your journey to get healthier you. Which do you think you will go grab up first?

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