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Friday Favorite: Budget on the Run

I hope you have enjoyed my series this week. To end the week I wanted to share a few of the extra sites/apps I use on my phone that help with my conquest when it comes to keeping up with my budget.

As most of you might I am a SAHM so my personal income that I bring in is pretty small but with what I have I make use of it along with my coupon savvy saving self (say that 3x fast!) and use it mostly on groceries. I have two teenage boys need I say more.

Some of these you might have heard and personally used or maybe it might be new to you.

SwagBucks: One of my favorites. This app actually rewards your for doing searches which at first I thought really how is that possible but using their search bar you are able to earn "Swagbucks"

As they add up you can trade them in for gift cards or even send an amount to your paypal account.  I like to save these up and use them for Christmas, start early and you will have a good amount to use when the time comes to shop for gifts. (I've added an affiliate link if you would like to join the fun)

Envelope 2: This is where I write down what I am spending each month.  I am making sure to break down each month each "envelope" as to how I am going to spend and it's really helped me SEE what I am doing. The key is to write it ALL down. The good, the bad and the ugly! That is a way to learn where you have to change and adjust you'd be surprised at how much that will help.

Ready For Zero : This is the one that has made me check how I'm doing with my credit. For me where my downfall happened with my credit was college.  I remember walking into campus and seeing little booths being set up in front saying oh sign up you can get a free walkman (yes dating myself) or sign up and get a bonus whatever...AHHH FOOL was I and yup took those cards and ran and YOU guessed it.. taking credit cards with no jobs and already having to pay for school BIG mistake. You guessed it MESSED up my credit till my credit was no more.

This app is one I really am loving. Seeing what is going on and getting excited to see how my credit is increasing.  I've already warned my oldest son over and over again about Credit cards. Cash is KING! (for right now for him and a debt card) 

Motivated Mom: I know you all might be saying but what does that have to do with budgeting? Well, this app helps me budget my time. I do have a planner and I write down everything but the more help I have to remind myself the better. Being able to have it an app where I can check off things is awesome. I also purchased a few of the printables it's SO much fun to just check off what I am doing. It's like a personal high 5 with each item you check off!

I hope some of these apps/sites are as helpful as they have been to me.  Are there any apps that you just can't live without that help you budget?

I'd love to hear what they are. Also this weekend is my favorite time of the year. It's time for Daylight Savings! So why not take that opportunity to start saving a little extra for the Summer.

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