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How to Defeat "Im Bored" Syndrome During Spring Break

When I was younger and if I would dare say I was bored in my house it usually meant I was going to clean out a closet and THAT would keep me busy for the rest of the day. That way I always kept busy doing something.

Today I thought I'd share a few ideas to keep your kids from saying those dreaded words. Plus you can do these things on a budget.

Catch a Game:

If you have read my blog beforehand or know us you are aware it's about to be the best time of the year with us. As it's baseball season. I know you might say going to a ball game might get expensive but not if you support your local High School. Those are my most favorite games. It's a free game and you get to cheer some awesome players.

 Movie Time:

Catching the first showing of a movie is how we go to the movies. If you go to the first daily showing it's usually discounted to a price of a child ticket. Since the kids are usually used to getting up early for school I can't think a better reason to get up early. We actually wear our pajamas to the morning showings so we are nice and comfy and once we finish the movie we get back home and make a nice big brunch. My kids love this and already requested a few movies to go watch during their break.

Smell the Flowers:

Visit a botanical garden. For us here in Long Island there are several gardens that you can visit that are free yet are so magical. There is on called Clark Gardens around us that has so many amazing and beautiful hidden treasures. There is actually a part that reminds me of the movie Secret Garden. It's so lovely

New Place:

Looking for a new playground is something my kids look forward to this. There is nothing like seeing a new place to play. We have found some amazing places we have visited over the years. After we end up doing a little picnic to end the day. How you find a new place is just google it. You will be surprised that even nearby there might be a new place to explore.

Museum Day:

Check your local museums as they always have amazing activities going on especially when they know that there is a school break. Plus you don't have to pay the suggest fee you could pay what you can which is what we do since we are a family of 6. It's a wonderful day for the kids to learn and have fun. Make sure you check out the small museum about because that is when we have learned the most as the people working there have more time to give in depth detail to what the museum specializes in.  We are going to venture this Spring Break and check out the transit museum since my husband works for the MTA this would be fun adventures for the kids to have. 

I hope that these have given you some ideas to get some new adventures during your kids' Spring Break and I'd love to hear what you have planned or want to do.

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