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Not Your Regular Boring School Lunches

Are you kids looking at their lunches and saying oh not again the same old sandwiches?! It can get hard to make interesting lunches for the kids especially as we are half way done with the school year.

Today I wanted to share a few little simple lunch ideas for those like me who have to pack lunches and don't have too much time.
These are quick and easy to make and will have your kids thanking you once they get home and giving you all the praises for such yummy lunches.

Grilled Sandwich: Never underestimate the power of an awesome grilled cheese sandwich. In my case, I love to add different cheese and turkey and then use my waffle maker to make it even that much more awesome!

Pizza Wraps: This is one that my kids love to help to make as it's super easy and fun to do. Give a kid something to roll no matter the age and they can't help but smile. I let them add the cheese and anything else they would like to put into them.

Loaded Mac and Cheese: This is a wonderful idea that you could use for dinner and use the leftovers for the kid's lunch. At my house my 10 yr old if she could she'd eat mac and cheese every day! What I like to do is to add extra cheeses and turkey and even some broccoli and pop it in the oven for a bit and it makes it that much better!

Soups/Pasta: For this, I entrust my Pinterest boards. I have found so many yummy soups and pasta recipes to give my kids that they have enjoyed. These are extra filling and can give them a boost to finish their school day strong.

Hopefully, these will give you a little idea to get those school lunches prepared for your kids. I'll be sharing a few new recipes and share once they get kid approved around here.

Do you guys have any favorites that your kids always ask for in their school lunches?
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