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Thursday Thoughts: Godness Status

This past week, to be honest, I have NO clue how I haven't just about had a nervous breakdown. Yup. Seriously. I have been working extra hard and my brain just about said "hmm you need to stop or we will."

I actually am working on getting a new blog up (which I did) No this one isn't going anywhere. With the new blog, I also was making a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account PLUS keeping up with this blog and what I needed to do at home.

I picked last week because my husband had off for the week and so I thought OK this is the best time if ever as he could hold the fort while I did this (which I started on last Tuesday) and finished by Friday.

If you had signed up for my newsletter the last one I sent, I shared how I am on a deadline. As my youngest God willing will be headed to school in September and it's either I am up and running making an income from home or I will go and work outside the home.

I love my blog and being able to be home for when any of the kids come home (next year all 4 will have different schedules) and I would love to be able to earn my income from home but if nothing changes then Plan B will go into action but more on that at a later date.

So seeing this below had me laughing in the midst of my just about breakdown...

I would love if you stopped by my new blog: Memories In These Stories and said hi! Today is actually our Friday which I am thankful for because a 3 day weekend is a good way start to try to recharge, before we do some celebrating next week.

My youngest son's birthday is Monday and I will have a 14 yr old and 18 male teens in my house. YEAH anyone want to donate some money to buy me a supermarket! OH how I love my young men and boy can they eat! 

As always thank you so much for stopping by. What have you been up to this week. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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