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When Budgeting Sends You Running For Cover

I don't know about you but for myself, there was a time that thinking of really setting a budget for the month made me nervous.

Nowadays it's actually a thrill to see where I can save and make the amount actually grow.That's why this week I am going to have a series of budgeting can be easy and painless.(after you get the hang of it) I wanted to share these with you because it is such a wonderful feeling and I want that for you as well.

Here are few things I have found that help saves an extra penny to add to the budget and bring a bit of wiggle room. I like to add the extra into my savings or to a monthly credit card payment.

The $5 daily coffee: I was so guilty of having a coffee outside almost daily. I changed that up and get an already made iced coffee mix which is 5 dollars which I get 3 medium iced coffees at home. (I have a reusable cup of that size) so purchasing 2 containers of the ready made iced coffee a week will save me an extra $10 a week which comes to an extra $40 to place elsewhere BOOM baby! You can try to make your coffee at home and see how much that will save you. You will be amazed how fast it actually adds up. 

Dinner Plans: As a busy mom I must admit there are days I just can't even think of going into the kitchen to make anything as I'm busy running and doing other things then enters the ordering out which with my family of 6 is always $25.
To resolve this issue I have cut down to ordering to once a week. On Sunday night I like to check the fridge and see what I can make for the week and write a menu out.
I always throw in a pasta night, Taco and crockpot which leaves one day of takeout. On weekends I don't really cook so we grab a handy mac and cheese and I enhance it with extra cheese and my kids love it! Another meal we use is breakfast for dinner which is a favorite for my kids. Making a weekly dinner menu will not only save you money but your sanity!

Pay More: Perhaps this might make you a bit confused as to what are you paying more of? If you have monthly credit card bills to pay don't just pay the minimin amount. This I learned the hard way. It felt as I was on a treadmill and never seeing my balance really change. Until I started to pay an extra 10, 15 and 20 then I saw not only my totals go down I saw my credit score go up! Every little bit counts.

Fill Up Your Piggy Bank: This is one that I will go in depth in my next post on Wednesday. I know it can be hard to think of saving when your budget is super tight. I know that is the truth for myself. I actually have found amazing ways to be able to save even if it's a $1 it can make a difference as they add up. I can't wait to share with those tips I have found so helpful in building my emergency fund.

I hope this post has given you something to think about and are excited to work on truly not being nervous about what it means to have a budget to follow. We can do it together! Remember to come back on Wednesday on getting a hold on your budget.

I'd love to hear what one financial goal you have for this year? 

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