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Blogger Goals For April

Already into this month and I noticed I didn't post what my numbers and update for the previous month were. To be honest, March left a bad taste in my mouth. I actually confess I was in total pity party mode because blogging isn't easy.

 I've been getting contacted this past month by companies who would have liked me to share information with you to highlight their company without me knowing anything about them and without thinking of how much work it really entails in a post.

I for one DO NOT post anything I do not 1- support 2- haven't tried 3- believe in so to say I didn't feel deflated I would be lying (and no there was no compensation offered for the work they wanted me to do for them either.)  The point of that is if you are a blogger I am sending you hugs because I know how hard you are working.  Alright off my soap box. Let's get into the meat and potatoes of things, shall we?

I think March was my slowest and lowest month since the start of the year. Even though there was increases in my numbers.

Let's see what my Stats for March looked like:

Start of March:

Instagram: 1385
Facebook Fan Page: 822
Twitter: 2904
Pinterest: 575
Newsletter: 57

Current Stats (first week in April)

Instagram: 1499
Facebook  Fan Page: 958
Twitter: 3164
Pinterest: 603
Newsletter: 58

As you can see it was an overall month of growth but again it's super slow. I need to work on speeding things up but organically. When I share and what I share with my audience is very important to me so I don't want to just see my growth jump because I am doing those "tricks" that I have seen around. (the evil follow unfollow)

I did have a few campaigns the first week of March and then nothing else happened for March monetary wise which was/is hard.

I've been doing research and what I have come to find out I've found "magical" numbers that are appeasing to companies I would love to work for.

 I thought I'd share some of the information just in case you were as curious as I have been in. I 've found and truth be told it was a bit deflating, to be honest, BUT now I know what I would need to work on, I have until end of June to accomplish this and see if it does make a shift of what I can see.

Please take note these numbers will NOT guarantee you will get work but perhaps get your foot in the door of a very long line.

Looks crazy (or at least to me!) but that's what it calls for so hard are you willing to work for it? I say let's DO THIS.... Who's with me? 

Instagram: 5000

Facebook: 1000+

Twitter: 5000

Pinterest: 1000+

Newsletter: 500+

Some things I want to work towards are my interaction on my facebook page as well as instagram. I want to work on a few drafts for my newsletter and blog so I can have it ready to go.

I am so working on figuring out how to present my long in the works class I want to offer you as well as a freebie for my newsletter subscribers.

It's going to be a busy couple of months. It's true either go hard or go home and I'm on it! What are some things you are working on for this month?

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