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Once Upon a Sock We Got Fancy

I've been wanting to share this post with you since last week but sadly my oldest got himself hurt (he's doing better now) and I couldn't post until today BUT I hope you will love and be as excited as we were about this.

I was actually contacted by the Sock Fancy who are a fun company that brings you a monthly subscription of some very fun socks.

I don't know about you but there is something about wearing fun socks. I actually have been the one to ask for socks to be in my stocking because it's just so fun and unexpected to look down and see a little happiness on your feet.

Here is a little video to share about their company. You can tell me you don't love a little bit of happy mail instead of seeing bills all the time. I know that is always somethng to look forward to.

Check out the way you can get your own happy sock mail. How unique of a gift would it be to get a subscription for someone?  You could send it to either your college kids,(which mine loved!)  make it a gift for your spouse or hey why not treat yourself!

Although my boy was hurt that didn't stop him from showing off his sock styles as you can see. Got to love him. Hey if you gonna be on the sidelines for a bit might as well rock it with style right! 

I couldn't let him enjoy all the fun and I grabbed a pair and rocked them too! It is so fun to be able to share a fun little treat that is unexpected.

 Now if you want to give them a try I've got a code for 15% off at checkout with the code friend15.

Who would you get this fun subscription for?

*Disclaimer* I received a box for my honest review. The words and opinion are of my own. 
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