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Thursday Thoughts: Remember Be Kind to Yourself

How many of you are always in a rush and it seems like you are a robot with your every day in and out routines. Worrying about the daily woes and upcoming things that need to be done.

There are days (or weeks like this one for myself) that I need to remember it's not my will. I can't have control of it all. Things no matter how much I want them to happen, change they wouldn't all I can do is believe I've given my best and done my best at things and as our dear friend Elisa belted out " Let it GO"

When was the last time you sat back and just enjoyed what is going about around you? I have been non-stop working on my blog. Truth be told my head is kind of spinning from it.  Forgetting to enjoy the little things.

Like this. The sweet imagination of my littlest. I love her stories she comes up with. How she has to come and look me straight into my eyes and say "Mama I love you So Much"

There is nothing sweeter than when she's in the midst of playing and will call to me and tell me she loves me.  It's funny how she seems to know just the right time of the day to say it and make me stop and smile and say "Bean I love YOU SOOOOOOOO much" and share a giggle.  At that instant, nothing else matters around just being able to share that pure and amazing love.

When was the last time you just stopped to enjoy what is around you? Not worry about what needs to get done just to get to that next thing on your list.

If you can stop what you're doing and enjoy a few moments to yourself. You deserve it. Life goes by so quickly and we are all just so busy with it all. Remember to be kind not just to others to yourself, because we seem to forget about the self-love sometimes.
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