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Thursday Thoughts : This is What Counts

Past two weeks have been crazy with both my sons having to go to the ER at different times for two different incidents with all the going on I have to make sure to keep up with all that needs to be done at home as well as my own things on my quest of trying to figure out my income situation one can forget the simplest of joys that are always in our plan view.

The joys of the simple things.  Childhood is such an amazing time. Especially at my youngest age right now where everything is magical and the smallest of things brings the biggest of joys.

I think that is why every parents heart yearns to see their children happy because we are blessed seeing that joy and being able to experience it through their eyes. There is something about hearing that laugh that is so pure and beautiful that can make your own heart burst.

How we wish to shelter and keep our little ones in this beautiful time but they will grow. All we can do is to make sure to help and pray that same pure happiness continues although we know there will be heartache, disagreements and head butts but one thing that they should always feel is the love that you have regardless of any situation. Even in the busyness of life which truth be told could be hard at times.

That is what I pray that regardless of how old my children will be, may they always remember I am their biggest cheerleader, supporter and my love will always be there for them.

My joys come from them. I feel so proud and pray our Lord watches over each of them.  THIS is what counts these simple beautiful little moments I will forever hold dear and will remember and try to document it for them and hopefully they will treasure them even more when they return to experience them through what I capture in these wonderful moments.

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