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What's In The Catholic Goodie Box? : Subscription Review

This past weekend I had the joy of receiving a subscription box from The Catholic Box.  The moment the box arrived my girls were giddy as I had told them that it would be arriving.

The Catholic Box Company are a husband and wife team: Joanna and Matt Odom who provide a monthly subscription box of Catholic goodies.  They support small business and help bring a unique way to grow your faith with each of the items that are put together in each box.

I for one am all about supporting small business so I was even more excited to have this opportunity to share this with my family and you guys of course.

I loved how each piece was a way to get us curious and had the girls and I looking online to find out about each of the products that were in the April Month. 

The Catholic Goodie Box is available as a limited month-to-month subscription for $29.99 per month, or as a one-time gift box. They also have a  3-month subscription  for $85.99 (each have $5 flat shipping)  which is perfect for people like me who love to pay a fee and know that I'll have happy mail already paid and just have know to expect happy mail1 This is a biggie for this mama. What about you?

The first thing that jumped at me was the book Resisting Happiness book by Matthew Kelly As you can see with my picture below I already was familiar with Matthew Kelly as I have been following along this Lent and had been looking at his book and it lands at my door!

 I think that's just meant to be. I started to read it and I have to keep stopping myself cause I'm like WOW how true this is! I'm really loving what I am getting out of it and can't wait to put to practice more of what I will learn from it. 

Now that you got a peek at the cookies this is what they looked like before they were gone in 3.5 seconds. I did get 2 cookies for myself and they were so delicious but what I loved more is that one the flap that covered the cookies has a message on the inside and it says "All Guests Who Present Themselves are to be Welcomed as Christ" -Rule of St.Benedict

The gingersnap cookies included in the box come from Monastery Baked Goods and are made by the Sisters of Saint Benedict. The 4 oz. package contains 12 cookies that are great with coffee and tea, or milk for the kids.  Which actually is what my kids ran for when I handed them a cookie and bit into one. (SO Good!) I was already asked to order more which will be doing to put into their Easter baskets.

History says that ginger snaps were invented by Benedictine Monks so these are sure to be the best of the best! The purchase of these cookies supports the work and prayer of the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Indiana an added bonus if you ask me for sure!

Another item that came in the box was one that since I took it out has been in my youngest little hands.  She even took it to Mass this past weekend. Although she kept blurting out "HEY look I have Mary in my hand Mama and look she's over there.." yeah I could write a little book about Isabel's adventures at Mass but that's for another post. 

Can you see in the background? Mary is loved here at my home and so you can imagine how happy it made me as I knew my littlest would love it as she does. 

I am going to look into getting some more of them for her. This little peg of our Lady of Guadalupe was made by Maggie from Saintly Heart at Etsy. who hand paints each of her items.  I already eyed a few more I want to get for my Isy.

Last but not least in the box was these two items which I've been using it daily since it arrived. When I sit at my table to work in the AM. I mean who doesn't need lotion and lip balm and these are amazing. The lotion is a lavender lotion from All Good Things Arts & Gifts and is made by the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania Ohio. All of the items purchase from them goes to support their mission which you can read more about here.  

The lip balm featured in the box is made by Sandia Rise Co. and is a natural lip balm with organic shea and cocoa butters to soften and moisturize the lips. The name “Mystical Rose” is the traditional title given to Mary in Catholic Marian devotion. It is found in the Litany of Loreto (Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary). As the rose is considered the queen of flowers, so Mary is the "rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys" [Song 2:1] Could I love it that much more. I love that's it's organic as I am very picky with my balms I use because my girls have a tendency to grab and use it as well and I will be happy to let them use it.

Now I have a special treat thanks to Joanna & Matt I have a discount code for you to use for you to order a subscription box of your own. The May Boxes are already available to pre-order (they will ship end of April) I for sure will be grabbing one because I loved this one so much! Can't wait to see what arrives next month. I'll be sure to share.

*Disclaimer : I received a subscription box to help facilitate my review but all opinions and review are of my own *

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