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18 things I've learned as Parent the last 46 Years

First off I bet you're saying hold up Ellie didn't your oldest just finish his first year of college?  Why yes he did, you are right but, add my kids' ages and that's how old I really am.

Didn't know that did you? See that's one of my 18 things I've learned and explains the need for more sleep.

No matter the tired nights, nonstop days, uncombed hair and the famous  same 3 day outfit (long life my Old Navy sweats and shirts) it is all worth it. To see them fly the nest. No matter how nervous you are that is the moment we truly live for. I am in the mist of 4 different stages and these are the other 17 things I've learned so far.

  • You will never experience love like the one for your child. (have more than one that is when the real Mama Wolf comes into effect) 
  •  Tired is not a word but a way of life. If you're not feeling tired you almost think there might be something wrong with you. For me, it never fails if I "don't" feel tired a day or two later I'm sick!?!
  • Seeing your child accomplish anything is like finishing a 26-mile marathon in first place while beating your best time.
  • You can go 72 hrs without rest and hardly eating when your child is sick. Once they are better YOU break and want to crash..but still don't because parent life never stops and you still wonder how you did it. (it's called the power of parent love)
  • Once a time ago you would stay up for fun. Now you sleep for fun. Nothing like an early night in and fresh pajamas ohhhh man!
  • Your finding yourself saying the words you said you would never say when your parent would say it to you "When I was your age/ Back in my day..." AHHHHHHH I broke my own law!!! Seriously music in our time was way better. You guys call that music?  
  • Your parents weren't actually psychic it's just they actually did do those same mistakes you did when you were younger and they just tried to stop you before you made them. Now it's your turn. There will be head bumps battles but guess what you will win some..but get ready to lose some.Both of you will grow and learn something. (hold on for them teenage years) 
  • You have to let go. Hard as it may be they must trip to learn to catch themselves.
  • You can only teach them so much. They will hopefully see the choices in front of them and decide from right and wrong and if they don't know they will ask for help. (darn growing gets hard really quick)
  • You will be wrong at times and have to admit it. Let them know you were wrong. Times really are different then when you were their age. 
  • Listening is so very important. If you do anything listen to them. That's when you get to see how much of an awesome human being you brought into the world. They will blow your mind.
  • Document it. You knew I was going to squeeze that one in somehow here right?  Time flies faster then you can blink. Write those stories you remember down for them. They will thank you when they are older. I know I would have loved to have more from when I was younger. 
  • Toddler and Teenage years can truly rival each other. They will be the times that you will question yourself more then you ever have. Both stages are where they fight for independence  and seem to have the answers.(Pray for me I'm stuck in both these stages with my kids)
  • Laugh with them. No matter how old they are be silly. You don't always have to say no. You can start the fun. Even when they are grumpy make them laugh.
  • Hug them. Take in all the hugs they give you when they are little and take some as they get older. You might get some days you might want to put them in a headlock instead of a hug but still hug them. Let them forever know they are loved. 
  • That math you learned in school that you wondered why you learned in the first place will come in handy somewhat when your child asks you the same question of when will I use this in life. (it's so you can bond with your child it has to be. What other purpose is there!?)
  • You will still sneak in their room and watch them sleep even at 18 yrs of age and tear up and feel so blessed and thankful and now that no matter how tired you are that is the reason it's worth it.
Also remember you are an awesome parent. Do not be so hard on yourself. As long as you are giving them all your love you are doing right by them. It is such an amazing gift to be a parent. Hard work but so worth it. I am so blessed to be a mama of 4 amazing children who teach me something new everyday.

So today give yourself a high five because you are helping some amazing human beings grow up in this crazy world.  Now go take a nap you earned it (yes I dream of sleep.)

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