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May Blogger Goals : Ups and Downs and All Around

Hey, Peeps! It's that time once again to check the happenings around here with my blog.
Again the previous month I learned lots. Found things I need to focus more on as well as knowing to look for backups 2, 3,4 and 5 if need be. 

I've also learned I need to divide things up not just trying to attack all at once so check out what my plans are this month.

This month I thought instead of posting what my numbers are since well although I am thankful they have gone up it's nothing too drastic instead this month I would like to share what I will be doing in each of my social media accounts to see if any bigger changes can happen.

Let me share my little breakdown of mini goals I want to achieve this month:

Twitter: Get to 4000. Which means I need to get work on getting a good chunk before I get there but I think with hard work I can get pretty close. I love twitter and it's my favorite of the social media outlets. I guess cause it's short and sweet and to the point.

Facebook: I want to do a live chat! EEK.. I admit I just don't get the live thing. I feel if I have something on my face and everyone but me knows it, but I'm gonna break my fear and go for it! Oh and I'd love to keep growing my base here as well.

Instagram: NOW this one if anyone would like to help me I'd appreciate it. I REALLY would love to grow my numbers as I need a "magic number" in order to apply for a company I would love to work with and so I need to really build my numbers. I actually have started to "clean up" my account. Y'all I have pictures that super blurry on there! Hmm WHAT?!?! So yeah delete and glad I use Shoebox which saves all my pictures so I can delete my phone pictures and know I can still grab them!

Now I'm going to stop here. YUP I'm leaving Pinterest and my newsletter out for right now.  I want to focus on 3 things for now and work on the others come next month. I have learned when I try to do all the things none of the things happens.

I'd love to hear some of your plans for this month. I am looking forward to some personal goals if you want to read about what those might be stop over at my other blog where I share what those are going to be.

Oh and I'd love if you would follow me just click those highlighted links and I'll follow you back I love to interact with my awesome readers!

Let's ROCK this Month! 

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