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Queen of Perseverance

Truth be told I've always had a strong head on my shoulders from when I can remember. I could hear my mom telling me "Tu si tienes una cabeza dura (you have such a hard head) Later in life I have found having that having a cabeza dura has can come in handy.

 I like to think it's just I do what I have to persevere in getting done what I need to do. I remember a time when I was actually a single mother with my oldest I had to do what I had to do be able to make sure I was where I needed to be able to provide for my son and myself.

It wasn't anything Teresa had to do (Thank GOODNESS) but it took me waking up before the sun was up dropping my son at my mother's and heading to work in the city and getting home and then making sure my son was taken care of for the evening and then repeat the day over and over again to ensure we had what we had. Still the same with my other children and husband we have a routine and what needs to get done gets done.

That's why I think I love watching Queen of the South. The main character Teresa Mendoza starts off in a relationship that seems to be all going well (sure her boyfriend was a drug dealer ha) but it was all going well until it didn't and she had to basically run for her life! I cannot even tell you the times I had to pause and say "WHAT IN THE WORLD" ahh! My heart was racing right along with Teresa.  She also had to try and reunite with her best friend who had her son with her.

 All the while she is running from two drug lords who happen to be husband and wife! I know WHAT this show is crazy and your heart is gonna be racing.

It sure shows that perseverance can get you where you need to especially when your life depends on it. Have I convinced you that you need to watch and your wondering but how will I be ready for season two? Stop by HERE and catch up and come and tell me "OMG Ellie you are right is it June 8th yet!!" 

This was what I was looking like this past weekend catching with all the episodes of Queen of the South.  Ok so I kind of told my Hubby I was working but I was actually watching the episodes totally busted!

I just couldn't stop watching. I mean I had to find out what was gonna happen with Teresa! At first, I was wondering would Epifanio (head of the Drug Cartel) catch her? Then I had to worry would what his wife (head of another Drug cartel) Camilla was really up to with her.

SEE! AHHHH!  I can't even and the last line of the last episode had me so excited for it to be June 8th: "You're not ordering me around anymore. I don't work for you. I'm not your hostage. These will be my terms" COME ON!! Go Teresa Go!

Of what I have heard Season two is going to even crazier?!?! It's going to show how she grows in her position and gets to her powerful position. Season one she was running but as you can see in the picture below she's gonna end up in a power suit and truly become Queen of the South!

Come June 8th on Thursdays at 10/9c on USA Network I shall be putting my do not disturb sign up for sure!

Alright enough of me talking about Queen of the South! GO catch up and come back here and tell me What are you thinking or catch me on Twitter because I'm pretty sure I will be tweeting during the Season premier!

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