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Treating Mom Without the Guilt

Today I'd thought I'd share a recipe that you can make this weekend be it for yourself or make it for that special mom in your life. It's sweet, delicious and if you know me you know it will be super easy to make.

Before I share the recipe raise your hand who loves ice cream? OK, I better see all them hands up! How about those calories yeah not so much right well guess what this recipe is about all about the ice cream. I know you must be saying Ellie so why share it because this ice cream is actually healthy ice cream. Yes read that again HEALTHY and oh my goodness is it good!

This is the quickest cake you will be putting together. Bonus about it there will be no baking. Just layering. You can get your kids to help and have a blast.

What you will need :

*Small pound cake tins (I got them at our Dollar Tree)
* Fruits of choice (I picked bananas and strawberries)
*2 Pints per cake of Halo Ice Cream (there are so many choices GO crazy picking your pairs!) I picked Red Velvet and paired with cookies and cream. The other cake I paired Birthday cake and Sea Salt Carmel.
*Fat Free Whipped Cream


This is where the fun really begins. All you have to do is start with a light layer of whipped cream, add half the pint of Halo, add fruit, more whipped cream then add your second flavor of Halo ice cream.
Repeat with your second cake with your different flavors and fruits.

Once you are done creating your layers. I put it in the freezer for 1 hr to set and just flip the container upside down and it should wiggle out and enjoy! 

If you wanted you could make a big cakes but these are the perfect size for mom to enjoy alone. Besides you will still have ice cream to enjoy after you created this wonderful treat so it's a win-win.


 I always giggle reading the covers on the ice cream under the lids (only sharing 3 since 1 was a repeat saying) I love that they actually taste like ice cream. Your mom will will think she can't enjoy it all but you get to surprise her with the Halo awesome facts!

Did you know 1/2 cup of Haagen Daz Vanilla Bean is 250 calories but 1/2 of Halo Vanilla Bean is 60 calories! So what does that mean EAT THAT WHOLE PINT! (ha. ok maybe not...but if you do it's OK I wouldn't tell ha. ) but you can enjoy it and smile. I know I do!

 I hope you enjoyed this recipe and will make it this weekend. If you do let me know what flavors you picked!Oh another idea you could do with the left over Halo is milk shakes. My kids loved it! So enjoy.

Disclaimer: *I received coupons to purchase the Halo Ice Cream only. No monetary payment was received. All the opinions and post are of my own.*
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