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What's In the Bag : Kid Edition

 As I was actually packing my bag I thought hey it's been forever since I've shared "What's in my Bag" My Beanie girl is a big girl but you bet I still carry things for her because well she's only 3 1/2 and you know we need the "break in case of emergency" stuff.

Let's start with my bag. I had purchased it 2 years ago. from Etsy from a store called Kinies.This is their Top Handle Messenger bag. I had ordered it because I like the material it was made of which is canvas cotton.
I figured it would endure as a bag I would use for my on the go with my youngest. Little did I know how amazing this bag really is. This is like a treasure box! It has pockets for it all and the sizes are amazing. I think for like 2 weeks when I first got it I kept finding pockets and things that has made life so much easier.
I love how deep the bag is but you would never know from seeing it. It was my baby bag without having to be a baby bag. I've even used it as an overnight bag where I packed 2 pairs of pants, shirts, nightgown and other things for the night and my bag didn't even look so bulky!  Now I use it as an everyday bag.

On Sunday's it turns to my church bag where I carry what I need my youngest content while we are at mass. It has been amazing. I am SO happy I purchased it. One thing this store is based in Malaysia and sure it will take a bit to get to you but not as long as I thought I'm pretty sure my bag was to me in 2 weeks.  As a matter of fact, I am going to treat myself to a later Mother's Day gift next week to another bag from them.

Of course, I have to mention this bag is only $38.50 ($15 for the shipping) Tell me you haven't seen other bags that you could use for babies for way more than that! That was another reason I got this bag. I had a $100 budget to get me a bag and was able to pocket some extra money and it's already given way more of its value. Oh and no, they haven't paid or even know I'm writing about them. I just wanted to share my LOVE for this bag and make sure if you need a bag get this one!! You will thank me later!

Alright, now that I've shared the love for my bag how about I share what's inside right? Like I said I use this as my everyday bag and so this is what is you will typically find.

First of all I can not go anywhere without having tissues and wipes. I know you will say sure I carry those too but I actually use Boogie Wipes I know people will say but wipes are wipes right? Nope, not for me because now that my littlest has a sensitive nose and these actually feel really nice when I use them to clean not only her face but her hands and it leaves them soft.  I always buy them in bulk so I can have a few around the house and in my bag!

Next up is my what my youngest uses throughout the day since of course no more bottles so upgrade to a durable cup and I've had plenty to test, almost felt as if I was Goldie Locks getting cups for this girl. You see she has a thing that as of late she only likes to drink out of straws and so I needed a cup that was durable and that strong can withstand her because she loves to chew on the straw! Which is why I love the Munchkin Sports Bottle

Another thing I carry in my bag which keeps everything in place is my Bag Insert Organizer (it came w/a changing pad too but don't use it anymore) It matches my bag perfectly and it keeps everything in place plus it's so pretty! It comes in 3 different sizes so you can grab a couple to ensure it fits in the bag you have.

I love I can put everything in there that needs to be and find it as soon as I open my bag it's like a choir singing everything I open my bag. OK maybe not that dramatic but sometimes it feels that way especially when you have a cranky toddler asking for something you have in the bag!

Now can talk about books. It is the easiest and best way to keep my toddler entertained. Some of the favorites she is loving right now and that I circulate right now are these books are perfect for her because they all about sensory and she can touch and feel and it's really helped her TouchThinkLearn: Vehicles, TouchThinkLearn: Farm and Touch and Feel: ABC (Touch & Feel) I love that it keeps her enterained and being able to change the books up keeps her loving them more.

I also like to bring snacks which usually are frozen grapes cut in halves. I love them myself as well! Just as long as I know it's not gonna make a mess and she enjoys it well its going my bag.

I also try to bring my camera along with me so not to only take pictures with my phone. I am trying to see if I get a camera like the Canon PowerShot G7 but I have to save up my pennies for that one as I want to be able to just take out my camera and capture this Summer as all the kids are going to be going into new stages in their lives and I want to capture it.

Well, I really hope you enjoyed this post and you run and get that bag you can thank me by sending me coffee ha!

I'll be back with some yummy Summer treats later next week because it's getting hot y'all it's suppose to be over 90 degrees today in NY! What's the temp like by you?

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