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5 Free (or just about) Summer Activities to Do With Your Kids!

School is just about finished or it is finished for your kids (this is the last week for mine) and I am so excited to jump into the adventures this year.

Of course, if you know me having 4 kids means I have to make sure I stay in check and on a budget so we can have the most fun possible.

I thought I'd share some activities that we will be doing this Summer that is fun for my kids and parents as well.

Free Bowling: All you have to do is sign up your child and they will get two free games every day! Sure you have to rent the shoes but to me, it's worth it because the 2 games are more than enough for a fun afternoon especially if you have more than one child with you. (I like to tell my kids friends parents about the program so we can go together and make it that more fun!) Plus it's the perfect place to stay cool without worrying about your electric bill!

Dollar Movies: For this one, I actually found two places you can enjoy movies for $1 during the week.  The first one is Bow Tie Cinemas (check the site to see if it's available in your state) as well as Regal where they have $1 movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These movies are a bit older but to be able to see a fun movie on a big screen and those awesome reclining chairs, I'll take it!

Free Books: This has been one of my kid's favorites the last past Summers being able to sign up at Barnes & Nobles and once they complete reading a book of their choice and write a small report on it. They get to pick one of the books on the list of free books available for the program. Another free reading challenge that we love is the Scholastic Challenge. For that program, you sign up and log in your reading for the Summer and win really fun virtual prizes each week. My daughter already told me to sign her up as it's already up and running.

Gardens: I can't think of a most perfect way to let the kids run about and then enjoy a picnic on the most beautiful grounds for us we love going to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden – Free all day on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am-noon. There is so much to see and hidden gems within. You need more then one visit to really enjoy and see the whole place. Again search the gardens in your area for your free day.

Free Zoo Day:  Pretty sure if you search your zoo where you live you will be able to learn what dates are free for us it's The Bronx Zoo – General Admission is free on Wednesdays. Visitors are asked to donate what they wish to support the zoo's mission. Total Experience activities cost extra. (which is totally awesome and budget friendly I usually just pay to get into the petting zoo)

I hope these gave you a few ideas will get you excited about your own adventures during the summer that wouldn't break the bank! What are some fun things you like to do during the Summer with your kids?
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