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5 Things To Stock Up In Your Bathroom for Summer Guests


Summer is in full swing and with an upcoming holiday like 4th of July, I got to thinking of what I'll be needing to ensure my family and friends feel welcome at our house when they visit.

I headed to my local Walmart to pick up a few things to freshen up our guest bathroom. I grabbed my oldest along for the trip. I'm glad that before I left I printed out my coupon ( you can get one too just click on it print it out for yourself!) and headed out to get my shopping done.

I was looking for some of the things I needed and my son headed out and came back with what he said was the most important on the list!

Once I got home I started to arrange what I think guests need to find in the bathroom especially during the Summer. I'm pretty sure out house will be full and have plenty of uges so I'll be ready for sure!

Here is the List I like having fresh and ready for my guests.

Towels: Always keep fresh ones ready for when your guests come inside to refresh themselves after having a fun afternoon in the backyard.

Soap: If we have towels so we better have the soap. I like to keep neutral soaps that aren't really scented available that way anyone can use them.

Body Scrub: To enhance the experience how about adding one of these? I love to pick these as they are all very inexpensive and I don't know about you but I love a good scrub in the shower! 

Hand/Body Lotion: This is another one I have seen my guests appreciate. After being out in the heat and coming inside and freshening up a bit of lotion is the perfect thing to have to soothe the skin.

Paper Toliet: As my son said while at Walmart this is the most important thing. At my house, we are lucky to have 2 bathrooms but it's always stocked up with Cottonelle's Mega Rolls. I love this brand as not only do I save when I purchase them I know I am not only getting an awesome deal but the best quality for my family/friends.

I like to have everything ready for my guests. That way they don't have to have the awkward moment of having your guests having to ask if you have any of the mentioned things above especailly the toliet paper!

Walmart makes it so easy for me to get my shopping done enjoying their online service store with all the saveing and savings with free pickup. Click here   to see if it's available in your area!

I had to share as this is how I found my son while we were shopping. He can be so silly but can you blame him!


I hope this was a useful list for you and it helps you get your house ready for your guests. Here is to one awesome Summer and making sure we #NeverRunOut

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