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Crush Them (June) Goals Like a Boss!

June is HERE! It's Super crunch time!! I am so excited. I've been learning that quality is better than quantity. It really is true. 

Alright, where is that drum roll  ( yes I'm a tad excited) because this was it Y'all I accomplished something I had been working on for the last 2 months! I finally reached my Instagram goal I had set as well as my twitter which I am going to share below how I did it!

  I have been learning to really understand that comparison can be a true monster and eat at you. You can become your own worst enemy when it comes to trying to reach your goals. Another to learn is this doesn't happen over night.

You can be putting your sweat, blood, and tears and it wouldn't happen. You will want to give up. You will doubt yourself. THIS is when you have to kick into gear your fight or flight.

I for one have learned this the hard way as I am basically in the epic fight of my personal growth in what I want to do for the future. I just sat down and although I am still afraid and the growth I've had has been small growth it has been. As they say with a faith of a size of a mustard seed you can move those mountains in the way. 

You have to remember that although you can move that mountain it's not going to be easy and it's gonna take lots of sweating, pushing, stopping to reflect how you can get the mountain moving and so how about I give you a little push and help with a mountain.

I had discussed in the past how Twitter has helped me be able to get the income that I've been able to achieve thus far.

I jumped at the start of the year and squeezed my budget and let me tell you I went around and around try to decide if I should have taken the course, because how many times have you purchased a class and it a) didn't have anything new that you didn't know before b) seemed way too complicated to even complete c) you lost your motivation in the progress

That is why I loved Saira's class!- Influencers 101 it was worth every penny I have learned how to grow my following on Twitter with people that are like-minded and I've been able to get wonderful opportunities because of it.

Well, she has a FREE class yes you read that right. I did that class first before signing up and I was so happy. That's how I got 1000 new followers! I actually am going to do it again. My goal to reach before the end of July is 5000 followers and I'm pretty sure if I do her class once again I will reach it and you can reach your goals too!

She's just refreshed the class which means, even MORE, contact and more information and examples. I am a visual learner so I love that there are videos included so you can see what you are supposed to be doing and that makes it stick better (at least for me) what I just learned. 

I'd love for you to just sign up for the free class (click any of the highlighted text) and then come back and tell me how it went. I am so excited for this Summer I feel like it's going to be amazing not only for the memories to come but for personal goals. What are you working on right now?  We GOT THIS!

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