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Fighting Mush Brain During the Summer

If you noticed here on the blog last week it wasn't as active as usual because it was a big week at our house. Our youngest graduated from 8th grade and will be heading to high school next year.  He had been at his old school since kindergarten so you can imagine the emotions of the week!

Now that we are basically in Summer mode. (This is the last week for my oldest baby girl) It's time to think of activities to do with the kids. Not only adventures outside but adventures created while relaxing at home.

 There is nothing like getting into a good book with a nice tall glass of lemonade in your favorite spot of your house. 

Did you know that during the Summer kids could lose some of their  reading  skills as they aren't actively reading.  There is a reason they send those Summer packets with your kids after all! It's to keep those awesome brains fine tuned until they return back to school.

For us reading is very important (we do some math here too) and so today I've complied a list that I will be using for my kids and you could use for yours as well.

Pick up one of these and I'd love to see what your kids think. Remember almost all the libraries have Summer contests that your kids can earn prizes just for reading and writing a short summery about the book they read. Make sure to go sign up!

Pre-K / Kindergarten


High School

I usually purchase a book a or two that my kids will write because not only will it be their book but they can scribble notes in the book for when they are finished with it. It serves as a little place to jot down their thoughts of that Summer they read the book. There have been books my kids have re-read and have felt a total complete different way then what they wrote in their notes. It's pretty awesome way to show them how they thought at a certain age as well.

I hope this book list will come in handy for you and if you pick up a book or two from the list I'd love to hear what you thought!

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