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Five Chores I Loathe But Do Them Anyway With Love

 Sweeping I like to do this every other day that way. Living in a house with 6 people you would think we had a factory of dust bunnies. This is the way I keep them at bay and when I do the deep cleaning at the end of the week it's not too bad. (trust me it can get crazy if I don't!)

Bathrooms: after everyone showers spray cleanser at night toilets do the same and that way when you get up in the AM you have a fresh bathroom for everyone.  I love keeping a spray in under the bathroom sink.

Fridge/Pantries every other week go through and throw out what's gone bad or left overs that weren't eaten. Go through your pantry and check the dates. You'd be surprised how fast expiration dates can creep about! Also you can donate cans you know you wouldn't use. after all.

Closets I do this every three months or so I go through our closet and see what I can donate that way we have more room.  I like to make 3 piles. Will use next season, Will not fit next season, Keep but the end I'm feeling so good about the piles and know I'm going to see a clean closet!

Purging is in the Necessity it can be surprising how many things are left behind and just tucked away and never used because you don't go through your things it feels so good to be able to make a big pile and either throw it away or donated less truly is more I have learned.  No you are not going to use that outfit  from 10 years ago again. It's OK let it go!

Last thing whistle while you work or in my case listen to music while you clean and make sure you give it up to God.

I've learned O.K. more like it's been in my face lots lately " Do all things with Love" Y'all not gonna lie when I'm picking up the same thing off the floor knowing one of my kids or even husband went right over that same item and could have picked it up I just want to scream "I AM NOT YOUR MAID"

 It's HARD to not want to get angry and who is thinking about love at that moment.

There have been days I've sat trying to do this "blogging" thing but then know I have a list of chores ahead of me so I am juggling both and let me tell you both my brain and physical self are tired.

Especially days when I've racked my brain working on a post and then cleaning the house spotless and I've gotten no acknowledgment for my work I put on that post or even at home and I've just wanted to say "OH YEAH" That's it I am not doing either anymore see who's gonna do it now!

Guess what. That hard work is being noticed. That is why I've been trying to take deep breathes and even if I am so tired and no acknowledgement know it's part of your good works.

 I hope if your like me and have had those days that you feel as if your hard work isn't being noticed know it really truly is and it's a blessing what you are doing and you will be rewarded in the long run.

Now if you excuse me it's time for me to go gather the trash to be taken out tonight time to sprinkle some love y'all!
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