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Friday Five Favorites: Pre School Edition

I haven't shared a Friday Favorites for a bit and I thought since I am all about planning for back to school around here. I would share some of our favorites for my youngest and maybe give you some ideas to do at home too.

Since it's Summer and I've been working on making sure my youngest is having fun but still getting her learn in the mix. That's why I wanted to share a few of what we are doing that keeping Summer fun.

Watercolor Ice Cubes:

First off let me ask you how many of you have little ones that love to paint and it seems like it's never ending asking for paper and paint. It can get messy right. My kids know I have my own watercolor paint and brushes. I have purchased the girls their own sets and although my older daughter has her set still looking pretty good (yay for coupons! ) My youngest seems to destroy hers in two days. That's when this idea came into play.

Head to the Dollar store grab some ice cube trays, Popsicle sticks, and food coloring. (oh the magic of the Dollar store y'all!) Once you get home add water to the ice tray and drops of food coloring into them and freeze for 1/2 hr ( enough time for them to start to freeze) then stick in the popsicles and let them freeze completely. Once they are frozen you've got watercolor cubes for your little one to paint with!

Memory Games:

My girlie is all about memory games lately and loves matching things as we are walking about. It's so much fun so when I saw This one I knew I had to get it for her.  Not only does it have the items to match you have to match up by the "shadows" of the things. She loves sitting and playing her matching game. Gives me enough time to go make a quick meal!  Do your kids have a favorite game they love?

Pizza For The Win!

 Alright, maybe I have something to do with this. OK, I have everything to do with this.  My girlie and are pizza addicts.

Feels so much better saying it. There is nothing like getting a fresh pie and she and I giggle at the sight of it!  As a matter of fact, Friday is our Pizza day! What's your kid's favorite food? I'm going to share later next week a recipe we do when we make our pizza at home that your little one is going to love making it too!

Oldies But Goodies

I wanted to make sure that you don't forget about this post. These are still some favorites that actually both my girls.  I actually made a new batch of the bubble solution yesterday for my girlie to use this weekend.

Included in this post are three different fun and easy at home fun to do with your kids! Which one do you want to make this weekend?

Trace and Trace Some More

I came across this trace book by accident but so happy I got it for my girlie.  She is really into writing her name (well learning to)  as her siblings told her that she has to learn how to do it since she has to write her name on anything she does in school.

What I did to make sure she has enough sheets to practice is just make copies of each of the letters she is working on. That way throughout the day she has pages to practice on. You can have them use crayons, paint brush or colored pencils. This makes it way more fun and seeing them get those letters together is so much fun! I am one proud mama!

Well, I hope you enjoyed our Favorite Five around here for my girlie and if you use any of these I'd love if you would leave me a comment!

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