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July Blogger Goals : Remember That Class You Bought?

It was a world wind kind of June in my little world that's for sure! We celebrated 2 big events being my youngest son graduating 8th grade and our youngest turning 4! (Both still have me in shock because time is going by so quickly!)

Well that only means that it's a new month and time to get some goals in play.

Now let's have some real talk. Since we are friends we can talk about this right? Raise your hand if you have purchased a class to help w/your blogging. Now raise your hand if you actually completed it?

I am beyond guilty of this! There is actually one class that I so loved and have shared here that I completed and has helped me so much and I love each time I redo it over. I also learn something new every time I redo it.

I've been able to increase my Twitter followers double doing it. PLUS I did the free class first and saw amazing results and of course I knew it would be an amazing investment.

If you are trying to do the same I say try this free mini course. I want to see how it goes for you. What do you have to lose? Nothing all you will do is gain!

I am going to redo to the complete class again for the weekend so who's gonna join me?  I want to us all to succeed. I on a mission as I've mentioned before all 4 kids of will be in school which means there will be 3 out of 4 that we need to pay tuition!  Which means mama has got to make sure to bring in some much needed income.

I am so happy that I am part of the Linqia family as well because it's been amazing working with them and I am so thankful for this course because it's taught how to be as productive as possible and reaching out to the right audience.

Therefore Goals For This Month
  • Redo the Influencers 101 course & gain another 500 followers! 
  • Increase my Instagram followers 
  • Increase my Pinterest
  • Increase FB Fans
  • Post 2 (or more) posts a week
  • NEWSLETTER (I am horrible about this EEK ha) 
  • Finish my Media Kit (look out for a post on this this month)

 I am excited about this month and crushing my goals. I hope you will let me know you are going to try out the free course and crush it and join me in the full course. If you do I'd love to know and we could cheer each other on!

Oh and if your not part of the Linqia family I highly recommend them. It's been amazing been part of the company. Well my kids are calling time to relax, but come Thursday I am going to get all material ready to work on the course again!

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