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The 5 Best Resources for Saving Money

Talking about budgets since I'm actually working on a new one for our family right now.

Today I'll share with you some amazing ways I've found helpful in saving and keeping track of my budgets. I am actually am mad I didn't start sooner.

Save your Pennies for a Rainy Day

This one almost seems too easy but it's the hardest to do. I finally found a way that I can do and stick to. I must say I was a bit skeptical about opening another account because it always seems you have to keep a balance so you wouldn't receive a penalty on the little bit you managed to save. That is where opening an account with Capital One 360 Saving account was a game changer.  There are NO fees, No balance minimum and it earns interest!  I love that I can just put into the account whatever I have I've even just sent $5 to the account at a time.

You might be asking what if I need the money back (I've taken back when I've had an unexpected upcoming event I hadn't planned) you just request the money and a few days later it will be in your bank account you have it attached to without any penalty.

The moment my oldest son got a job I made sure he opened this account as I had posted on my previous post saving for a rainy day is SO important because there always seems to be more rainy days than sunny days if you don't have your cushion ready.
Use my link HERE when you open up your account and you will get $20 bonus too!

If you must shop get some money back! 

These are two of my favorites I've been using when I shop. One, I use outside and the other while I shop online.

If you are not using Ibotta then you need to hurry up and download right now! Use my referral code: afqanpd and get your first $5. What I love about this app is you use your shopping list to get money back. Search the store you will be shopping and the item you need and add it to your cart of rebate. Go in  and shop once you are done scan your receipt to prove you purchased the items and you have that amount coming back to you. (you will be able to cash out once you hit $20 and then you can have it sent to your paypal or a physical check in the mail!)

The other I love is Ebates I must say I was kind of upset that I remembered this company after Christmas shopping. You bet I downloaded so on the computer so each time I am shopping online I check to see if there is any cash back for me. I am always shopping at Target and Carters be it online and if you haven't signed up use my Link and get $10 to start you off! (You can cash once you hit $5)

So far so good right? It really is this easy. Now I'm going to share two more tips that has me feeling like a budget rock star

Write it out. 

This is going old school but so effective. Having somewhere you can write each month a breakdown of your budget and being able to compare each month after has been crucial for me. I have been using a  Erin Condren  to help me with my planning. (if you order and use that link you will get $10 off PLUS they are on sale right now! *only first-time customers*)

Currently, I am using the deluxe monthly planner which I LOVE after seeing a couple of videos which convienced me that this was how I would keep track each month.

This is a peek of what it looks like:

As you can see it has a section to write down for each week in a month. I actually will write what I am expecting or is due when it comes to bills and income and break it down and will use the last extra row to fill it out what actually does happen. There are two sizes as well which are 8.5x11 and the size I have which is 7x9. I think it has enough room and fits perfect in the larger luxe clutch (which I splurged for myself to add my budget & blogging planners into as Valentine's gift for myself) I really think being able to see the changes in my balances and what I can change for the next month has really been so helpful.


This is the most important with getting you to save and get control of how your saving and spending. I personally go to Credit Karma each month and see how I am doing. I must say along with saving seeing my credit score go up is an AMAZING feeling. I can also keep track of anything I might think is wrong or incorrect. I actually was able to dispute something on my credit very easily and it got cleared up! I was so excited about that! Plus it's free so why not right? You can check as much as you want but I just do it once a month. 

I hope these tips have got you excited about getting your budget and savings in check. Please share with me if you are going to use any of my tips. I love to see how people are making a changes and improving themselves.

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