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Week One In The Books : Adventures With Personal Trainer Food

* I was provided what was needed to give my honest opinion while on the 28-day program. All words and statements are of my own* 

Hey All! It's Friday and I am beyond excited to share with you what's been going on with my adventures in getting back on my healthy living.

First off. It's been a week and I'm happy to report I am 5 pounds down. I know crazy right, but I believe it was to be expected as I haven't had any extra goodies, sweets, carbs and have been tracking what I've been eating.

I have to admit knowing that my meals are already prepared for me and all I have to do is warm them up to enjoy really does help.  I for one can NOT believe how my craving for chocolate and extra treats have really been put to sleep. I am beyond shocked actually.

Just this week alone I have seen how bad my spiral was going with my eating habits. I had lots of mindless eating going on, being I am working on the computer it's easy to just want to have something to nibble on. This week I have portioned out my snacks which usually are almonds or sunflower seeds and an apple throughout the day.

When I first started last week my food arrived on Friday which I was expecting so I had prepared myself and already thought of what I could eat to prepare myself.  This is what my freezer looked like w/ my 28 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Personal Food Trainer Yup, my family was in much shock as you! Good thing I've made room since I've been eating 3x a day!

I was given a days worth of Nutrisystem to try and compare and so I knew I would that on Saturday.
This is what my day on looked like

 My honest opinion about it well it was good, throughout but I need throughout the day because I  was still hungry. For breakfast, I added a boiled egg. I also had an extra snack because that little bag of pretzel bits was super good but too little (I added some almonds later in the day) The dinner was filling but again I was looking for more. I don't think I  would be able to do 28 days of this if all the portions were like this. I need more. I'm a foodie y'all!

On Sunday I did a fast. It was suggested to do before "officially" starting your journey with Personal Trainer Food. Not gonna lie it was hard y'all like really hard. Although on Sunday I don't eat until after mass which happens to be almost 1 pm as the day went on I was feeling kind of blah. I did have broth and my liquids but not eating oh I feel so weak. Thankful my kids were able to more or less fend for themselves because I was just stuck on the couch! Let's just say I had never been so happy to go to sleep.

Now here is the strangest thing, when I woke up on Monday morning I was NOT hungry!  To be honest I really thought I was just gonna fail already and eat everything but I was composed (I may have asked who am I?!) and opened up my freezer and grabbed my breakfast.

Alright, this is when it got real. To be honest my thoughts were hmm how is this suppose to taste good. It's frozen food. Let's get real frozen food really can be bland and so I held my breath and into the microwave it went.

I pulled it out and it did smell good and said ok for the smell you get a point.  As you can see I decided to document my day of meals

You guys I must say I am beyond impressed as to how good the food tastes and that I am actually full. I actually one day that I couldn't finish one meal I was like what is going on here.

Oh and included was 3 different kinds of Butter sauces. I must admit I only like 2 out of the 3 One is a Sriracha and I am not a fan. I told Hubby he could have it ha! Let me tell you that Garlic butter oh is SO good it may or may not make you want to lick the plate!

So that's how my week has gone. I am happy and can't wait to see what is to come the next 3 weeks. I am to be honest nervous of being bored of eating veggies so much. As long as I have two sauces I will be good and I also have a list of other things I can eat to mix it up if you go on the site they have amazing recipes. I saw a chocolate chip cookie recipe! I so am gonna try it and post it here soon.

Also if you want to give this program a try Just go HERE and use the Code MOMBLOGGER you will get a saving of $150 off a 28-day program! I would love to hear if you try or are thinking about it.  So far I am so happy and this is totally what I needed to reset myself and don't forget to follow me on Instagram where I will share on my IG Stories my meals and how I'm feeling throughout the week.

Can't wait to share next Friday how this coming week went and if the scale went down some more! 
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