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A Recipe You'll Be Thanking Me Later About!

Woke up looking for an extra blanket because it was actually chilly out. I checked the calendar and it did say August but it's rainy and its actually 66 degrees (it's after 3 pm right now) so I knew what had to happen!

Sancho is a favorite Dominican Stew/Soup that is a SUPER delicious. I remember as a little girl my dad as a special dinner would get all the ingredients to make this and start almost at the crack of dawn to make sure that it would be just right and ready by dinner time.

Enter the awesome crockpot the invention that has grown to be one of my FAVORITE kitchen things. Instead of me having to slave in front of the stove for hours I figured I could just put all the ingredients in the pot and let the magic happen!

Today I'll share the recipe so you could enjoy it as well on a chilly day.

Ingredients :

- 1 medium potato - peeled and chopped into small pieces
-2 plantains -peeled and chopped in small circles
-  cilantro few strands
- 1 or 2 celery sticks- chopped small pieces
-1 or 2 carrots- chopped small pieces
-2 cups of chicken broth
-corn ( I like to use the frozen corn that comes in packs- I'll usually put 4 pieces)
-soup bones (you can get a pack at the supermarket for less then $3)
-chicken breast 2 or 3 pieces ( I usually have at hand in the freezer)

 You need to season the chicken so you add a pack of Sazon (they sell them in little packets) oregano (add 1 -2 tsp) & vinegar (1- 2 tsp) mix well. Add a pinch or two of salt as well and mix well.

You take all these yummy ingredients and put it into the crockpot and just let it cook. You can either cook it on low for 6 hrs. (The crockpot I have is a 3 quart one)

 You could put this in the AM and have dinner ready when you get home!You could also make it a bit quicker and cook for 4 hours on high.

It smells so good while it's cooking. I do like to go and mix it at least once. Not necessary but I just like to open the lid because it smells so good!

I'll also make a small pot of white rice to accompany it. Also if I can I'll add a slice of avocado...OH That is HEAVEN!!! (try it trust me!!)

I hope you'll give this easy and super yum recipe and if you do please do let me know!

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