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August Goals - What Is One Thing You Will Focus On?

For off being it's August I wonder how many times I'll just keep writing and end up w/my last name because it happens every year ha! Alright shaking the sillies out and now I hear to share some goals I want to crush and maybe inspire you to crush them too?

First thing first I want to hit 5000 on Twitter by the end of September. That would mean I would need 1500 new followers EEK, but you know what I think I can do it! Why because I will redo the awesome class I had signed up for influencers 101 where I leaned how to grow my twitter numbers with amazing followers that are same minded as me! 

Saira is so awesome that she even has a FREE mini course for you to try out and start your journey to growing your own audience. So if you want to grow your audience try out the free course where you will learning how to grow your audience!

What I have learned about goal setting is that I need to focus on one thing at a time because I have gotten over whelmed and then I don't get anything done. That is why I have chosen to focus on one thing. This month.

Besides focusing on Twitter I want to keep up writing 2-3 times a week which I am pretty proud about that.

As far as personal goals I'll share how my healthy journey is going which I am happy as it is going. You guys I have 2 weeks (tomorrow) that I haven't ate any sweets or carbs! WHO am I!!! ha... More on that tomorow so make sure to stop by then to see what else is happening.

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