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Back To School With ScreenTime

* This is a sponsored post but all opinions and thoughts are of my own.*

Raise your hand if your children have either a phone, Ipad or another electronic device. I'm pretty sure everyone reading this had raised their hand. Am I right?  This has changed since we were young right, I remember my time was spent either playing w/toys, reading or outside but one thing that doesn't change is us wanting to protect our children and ensuring they are doing another thing than just being stuck in one spot.

That is where the app Screen Time comes in. I was excited to get the opportunity to try it out. As you can see my youngest already has screen time on lock but I know that I needed to change how and when she was on. 

Especially at the age that she is although the things on her Ipad are for learning I don't want her to think that is all she can do throughout the day.


What I love about this app is that we get to have control over your child's device. You can set the time they are able to use it. One new feature that the app has introduced is the Pause Button.

It’s a button that allows you to instantly pause your kid’s device from your own. Just like you would press a button on your remote to pause a film or a TV show. Tap a button on your device and your kid’s phone or tablet will just…stop. Done.  I love that feature! 

Another feature I love Is how you are able to set the times they have access to their device plus you can add tasks where they are able to earn more time on their devices.

Here is how I set up some tasks for my Isabel. It is really easy to set up : I went their site on Screen Time Labs 

                   Once I set up that this is what the tasks looked like once I was done. I love it so much. My daughter is happy and so am I! Plus it's been working so wonderfully she already is understanding that she has things to do in order to get her time on her device.

Now I KNOW you want to try right? Guess what you can give the app a try with the free 14 day trail and after you can get a premium membership which you can pay either the yearly fee or monthly which is $3.99. I really think you will be so happy you tried it out.
 Plus you can add more then one child on the app which I plan to do for my two middle kids since school is starting and they need to focus on school as they will be entering high school and 5th grade and it's important to get their work done.
This is the info that really made me say hmm and love this app even more.
The American Psychological Association has found that 59 percent of teens feel that time management is a source of stress, which increases during the school year, while 44 percent of children ages 8-12 feel stressed about doing well in school. The Screen Time app offers families a solution for creating consistency around schedules and shoring up time-management skills during the back-to-school season so that kids feel more balanced and can engage fully, whether online, offline, at school, at home or out pursuing activities

As far as my youngest she's enjoying her last few weeks of no school. I am ready for a schedule and am so happy that with the help of Screen Time I'm already help in doing so. 

Make sure you stop at Screen Time Labs try the app and if you do please let me know what you think. I really think this is an excellent tool to have in our parenting bag. 

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